What I have become

There is a large expanse. It is the point of contact between the present and the past and it is where my memories await. I stand still and hesitate. I breathe a little faster and let go so that I slip away with the present.

It is a strange and unknowable system, as if written within a kind of dark matter. Amongst the swirl of it all moments are absorbed and merged with the past. It is nebulous. It is undiscovered country. I am balanced between what is recognizable and what is not. I feel and begin to collect and as I gather the past merges with the present. Memories take form and there come moments when I see myself amongst it all. A wondrous blueprint that binds me. It is an explanation of myself that has a beginning and is without an ending. It is what I have become.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lloyd Pereira 2015.